Gooey Butter Cake 101

Gooey butter cake is a delicious St. Louis dessert.  It has a rich, yellow cake crust bottom and is topped with a luscious cream cheese-based goo.

Legend of the Gooey Butter Cake

In the 1930s, a happy baking accident in South St. Louis gave birth to gooey butter cake. Legend has it that a baker, faced with too much sugar in a butter cake, improvised with additional ingredients, creating a beloved St. Louis dessert. As with most legends in folklore, there are many different stories about the details, but one thing is certain: the "gooeyest," most delicious dessert can be found right here in St. Louis!

Gooey Louie

At Gooey Louie, we take pride in continuing this delicious legacy. Our family business handcrafts each cake with care, using only the finest ingredients like it was done by our great-grandmother on the north side of town years ago. With a recipe spanning four generations, our commitment to quality and authenticity shines through in every bite. Take one bite of our sweet St. Louis treat, and you'll be sure to agree.  Read more about our history here: Gooey Louie History.