Hello Gooey Butter Fans!

For those of you who haven't met me, I'm Debbie, owner of Gooey Louie® Gooey Butter Cakes.

Ever since our little bakery debuted at The Best of Missouri Market at the Missouri Botanical Garden back in 2006, we knew the gooey butter cake could be so much more than what you'd buy at a traditional bakery. Turns out, quite a few St. Louisans felt equally as passionate as we did about our gooey butters.

A Family Tradition

Gooey Louie has become an annual tradition to the St. Louis community and beyond. We're pretty thrilled at the ability to make so many people smile.

My great-grandmother, Ann Duffy, was the inspiration for Gooey Louie. After moving to Atlanta, Grandma “Duffy” would come back to St. Louis for visits. You could find her in the kitchen, whipping up a homestyle gooey butter cake (or many of her other favorite “dump” and crumb cake recipes). We're sure she would find all this hoopla over gooey butter a real hoot!

Its been amazing to see Louie featured throughout the years on the Food Network, the Today ShowMartha Stewart Living and Taste of Home Magazine. After all these years we're thrilled to be sharing these creative twists on a hometown classic (and always trying to add to the fun). Please stay in touch with Louie. We're always trying to add a little sweetness to your day (St. Louis-style of course!). To learn more about gooey butter cake, visit our Gooey Butter 101 Page!

Thanks for stopping by!

*Louie's Personal Assistant*